JAC Hosted Events

Join Us For Our Track and Field Events!

One of the ways the Jacksonville Athletic Club helps its athletes and the track and field community is by hosting meets for athletes of all ages to compete in.  In just seven years we have proudly hosted over 50 track and field meets. We make sure to host a combined events meet each year (decathlon and heptathlon) to give those athletes an opportunity to compete in a combined events meet that is put on by former combined event athletes. 

We will continue to put on meets that cater specifically to the athletes.  Our meets are run on a published time schedule, (so that the athletes, coaches and parents know exactly when their events go off) are seeded properly, (to ensure good competition and results) and are all run by our staff members.  We have had great reviews from our meets, and look forward to hosting more!

*All JAC hosted meet results can be found here*