JAC Post-Collegiate Training

Where to Train After College?

 "...Where we fall down is soon as they [college athletes] are finished with their University, or if they are not academically inclined to go to University, the road stops.  We basically throw these guys on the street after their university careers are over and I mean its amazing to me.  I probably get over 50 emails a year from US athletes who were world class level in university and now they can't even find a place to train, a coach to coach them, they don't have a shoe contract, and these are all kids that with another year or two in the sport under great conditions and a good coach would be podium type kids!  But's that where we fail them in our's [the post collegiate system] an embarrassment.  If you are incredibly gifted, and you get one of those golden coaches then you make it and if not, its a tough road."

- Dan Pfaff on the US system for post collegiate athletes

As you can see, it is very hard for the post-collegiate athlete to find a good training environment, with sound coaching and support.  Here at the Jacksonville Athletic Club we will strive to give you the best opportunity to succeed, as you try to make the US Championship, Olympic Trials, and even the US team.  Our staff has worked very well with post collegiate athletes, and would love to help you reach your goals. 

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We are currently open to working with athletes in the jumps, pole vault, and combined events.